Children Karate FAQ

Q: How old does my child have to be to enrol in Seido Karate?

A: We will do an intro session and review from 3 years of age.

Q: In what ways does karate help in my child's development?

A: You child will benefit from an increased ability to focus and concentrate, improved gross motor skills, fitness and balance and learning to be part of a group. All of our kids classes are taught by myself and any areas that parents feel need to be worked on can be emphasisd within their karate tuition.

Q: How are classes structured?

A: Every class starts with a warm up, followed by learning basic techniques and eventually combinations and reviews of techniques. There are three syllabi for children which means that expectaions are age appropriate. Progress is gained through repitition of movements that are incorporated into games and 'serious' practice.

Q: When is the best time to enrol my child?

A: Our school is open 50 weeks a year and because we have a range of classes over 6 days of the week, any time is good. We offer a free introductory lesson for which you can make an appointment. This will take 20-30 minutes and gives the child a chance to learn some of the ettiquette surrounding martial arts training, which is explained before they join a class, as well as establishing a rapport between parent, teacher and child.

Adult Karate FAQ


Q: Am I too old to start learning karate?

A: Seido Karate was developed as a style for anyone irregardless of age, gender, fitness or ability.If you can walk up the stairs to the dojo, you can learn Seido Karate.


Q: How are classes structured?

A: Each class begins with a warm-up (our warm up  is essentially a joint stretch which is designed to limber the body in preparation for physical activity). We then practice basic techniques and then combinations of techniques, which become more complicated as one progresses. Strengthening exercises are incorporated into each class, with the emphasis being on pushing oneself beyond one's own perceived limitations.


Q: Will karate help me lose weight?

A: Karate can be useful in weight loss if one attends regularly and also maintains a heathy eating pattern. Keep in mind that initially there will be a lot of explanation of the moves you are learning and it may feel a little slow. It is preferable to gain correct technique to avoid injury in the future. If you would like to emphasis weight loss, please attend the class early and make use of our exercise equipment.


Q: I have had previous injuries, is it safe for me to start practicing karate?

A: Having practiced Karate since 1981 and been injured in minor ways at times herself, Sensei is sensitive to all members capabilities or limitations due to injury. Please remeber to tell your teacher of any pre-existing or new injuries and if something you are asked to do doesn't feel right then that's completely fine. Our sensei can also recommend exercises that might help you strengthen the areas around your injury.

Q: When do we start full-contact karate?

A: When you have attained a green belt and the necessary control not to injure your fellow students. Remember that Karate is an extremely effective art when it is practiced effictively. We don't want any injuries in class and this requires a lot of practice.


Yoga Summary

Research has supported the benefits of Hatha Yoga which also includes the release of stress. Other benefits consist of an improvement in the heart and blood flow, an increase of energy levels and muscle tone, and an improvement in circulation and a person’s mood. Other  positive effects incorporates the detoxification of the blood and internal organs, developing vitality and strength, improving the immune system, enhancing mental alertness and clarity, reversing the degenerative process, reducing pain and assisting with depression.

So let me make a difference by bringing my practice to you.